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We believe in small business.

Small business is the engine of every town.

From retailers to contractors, auto shops to real estate agents, small manufacturers to restaurants, small business is the lifeblood of every town, main street, neighborhood, or city. All kinds of small businesses create jobs and wealth for every kind of community. They are the anchor of towns big and small

Provo, Utah, USA downtown on Center Street

Small businesses create community.

From your favorite restaurant to a coffee roaster, a yoga studio to a local courier service, small businesses tie together communities in infinite ways. You don’t have to be a brick-and-mortar shop to bring people together – small businesses in all corners of this country find creative ways to create community.

Group of friends having coffee together at a coffee shop

Now more than ever, they need help.

In the midst of COVID-19, we know small businesses need real help to recover, pivot, and grow their business. We are here to help. We know towns big and small, especially those vulnerable from trade and automation, need vibrant small businesses now more than ever.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA at Memorial Bridge on the Piscata

We're on a mission.

To revitalize communities everywhere through the power of small business.

Small businesses don't have the resources they need to succeed.

If you’re a tech startup and looking to raise a million dollars from an angel investor or a hundred million from some venture capital fund, you’re well served. There are accelerator programs, internet forums, entrepreneurial support organizations, happy hours, and so much more!

But if you’re a small business in a “traditional industry” and you’ve reached five or six figures, where do you go? Once you’ve graduated from the small business development center courses, you must wander deep in the wilderness and try to figure out how to grow your business. Some get lucky. Most don’t. We want to change that!


We offer live events, courses, and an online community to help small business owners grow 30% a year, every year.

Here are some ways we live this mission:

We give back to the communities we serve.

We dedicate a percentage of our gross profits to give back to the communities we serve. Even though we know creating jobs and wealth through small business is no small task, we know there’s a lot more still to be done!

We celebrate business success stories.

Our podcast, Revival, celebrates the inspirational and creative stories of small business owners. Its first season, running now, focuses on the “pandemic pivots” of small businesses in a variety of industries. Future seasons will continue to celebrate business success stories.

We welcome and support all people.

Small business owners are a diverse group of people from all different types of towns. We are explicit in our commitment to founders of different identities and welcome entrepreneurs as-they-are in our community and training programs.

Meet the team.


Co-Founder, CEO
The Big Cheese

As a successful entrepreneur for over 30 years, Robert is a specialist in scaling and growing small businesses by creating disruptive marketing strategies and tactical approaches that have produced amazing financial results. He has consulted in more than 200 small business industries and is positioned as one of America’s Top Marketers. As a recipient of the top awards in his profession, his passion resonates with helping and growing small businesses.

He is recognized nationally as an expert in all areas of marketing, a professional speaker, professional trainer and facilitator. He provides extensive trainings and is certified in business exit strategies, marketing, and various executive leadership programs.


Chief Cat Herder

Chrystal has a passion for helping people. She has a diverse background and has held leadership roles within state government, retail pharmacy, corporate training, and owned an event management company. Chrystal served as CEO of an event technology company that she sold in April 2020. After leaving a career in law enforcement where she served as a police officer and financial fraud investigator, she truly found herself in the world of entrepreneurship.



Co-Founder, CXO
Head Product Wizard

Morgan is a web designer by training, an economic developer by trade, and a whisky lover by night. Morgan is a founding member of Denver Global Shapers, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, and was a founding delegate for the Youth Congress for Sustainable Americas. He loves non-fiction reads, camping in the great outdoors, and beautiful architecture and art. You can listen to Morgan on our podcast, Revival.


Business development
Queen of Connection

Michaela is a coach and an entrepreneur. She loves humans almost as much as she loves dogs, but she loves being outside hiking any time of the day. Karma Koaches is her current business which is out to connect, create and transform the world through coaching. She previously owned a pet sitting business for 9 years and sold it a couple of years ago. Her favorite ways to meet new people are at grocery stores, networking events, hiking or anywhere else in the world!


Dominatrix of the dollar

With a degree in Finance from George Washington University, and over 30 years of accounting and finance experience, Nicole is responsible for the day to day and long-term financial health of the company. She is as passionate about finances as she is about helping the community, whether that is through her website,, or by creating and distributing care packages for the homeless. She loves Broadway plays, reading great books, and mastering the art of planting gardens with the perfect plants that the deer don’t eat!